About Us

Registered in Singapore, Trusted Marine Services is a professional marine consulting company devoting ourselves to the ships and maritime industry. The Company boasts a team of professional engineer and master mariner having years of experience in the ships and maritime industry, thus providing shipowners with overall trustworthy solutions.
Our core competency comprises of the following:
• Understanding our clients’ needs.
• Timely response and excellent quality of work.
• Fair and Independent position in all our representations.
Looking forward and joining in hands, Trusted Marine Services intends to steer on our course to chart our global footprints to serve overseas shipping communities. We are also exploring options to add more complementary services that will ensure that our clients can be well serviced in their marine needs.

As Marine warranty surveyors we ensure that best industry practice and correct procedures are followed in the planning and execution of critical marine and offshore operations. They help protect an underwriter’s interests by providing independent review, verification and approval of a broad range of projects in sectors as diverse as:
• offshore oil and gas
• towage and heavy-lift operations
• construction projects
• cargo stowage
• shipyards
• ports and terminals